Corinne Cinatl

Finding out we were expecting our first baby was amazing.  One of the most common questions we were asked was how we planned to birth our baby, our response was almost always met with some kind of disapproving look at best. We knew we wanted to have our baby as naturally as we knew how.

When I was seven years old I witnessed the amazing calm and relaxed birth of my brother, in a medical environment without intervention and without exhaustive pushing. I had seen my mother play scrabble between surges (contractions),she was comfortable and free of pain often associated with birth. This experience instilled in me a sense of confidence in the ability of the female body, I knew that birth was a natural and normal process, I knew it could be the amazing experience I had seen in that hospital room, I knew I was going to have that same amazing experience.

My cousin had prepared for the birth of her second child using HypnoBirthing® and educated me on the Philosophy and principles of the techniques used, I knew we had found the tools to birth our baby in a gentle and calm manner. After learning and practicing all the breathing and visualization techniques, we were empowered to birth our baby the way my body was designed to.

In January 2011 I birthed a beautiful healthy baby boy at 3.83 Kg and 52 cm’s long without any intervention, without any stitches, without any drugs. The techniques learned in class kept my mind and body focused on what was happening within my body.  My fiancé used gentle reminders to keep me focused and was an amazing loving support throughout the birth.

It was the most beautiful and amazing experience, how could I not want to share this with other expectant parents?

Following the birth of our son I  trained to become a HypnoBirthing® practitioner and relocated our family to Bendigo from Melbourne. And so Intuitive Birthing was born.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences with other parents who know there is a better way to bring their babies into the world, a calm, gentle and safe way.