Birth Preferences

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Writing birth preferences can be challenging to say the least, its not always about the actual content but often more about bringing awareness to your choices in the process of writing it up. Many doctors will disregard birth plans, thinking they contain inflexible demands, but the event of birthing your baby is one of the most brilliantly life changing moments of your life and as such, you deserve input into how your baby is brought in to the world.

My top tips for writing your Birth preferences are :
1. Write up a draft birth preferences and take to early appointments. Run through it with your care provider and ask which things are policy/routine- leave those off your preferences
2. Keep only the really important points on your preferences- keep it to a page if possible
3. Write a short paragraph or couple of sentences introducing yourselves and noting something along the lines of ‘these are our birth preferences in the absence of medical urgency. If there is something that arises please know that after discussing options/concerns with us you will have our cooperation’
4. Talk to your birth support/companion about your birth preferences so you both understand them or even better do them together!
5. Discuss your birth preferences with your care provider early and take lots of copies with you to the birth – hand them out like candy so everyone is literally on the same page.


I’d love to hear how you constructed your birth preferences.

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