I had a traumatic first birth experience will HypnoBirthing work for me?

Absolutely.  HypnoBirthing has been described as many of my couples as a very healing process and experience after suffering previous traumatic births.  We cover lots of stress reducing techniques and relaxation as well as specific exercises to build confidence in your body and the birthing process.

Why can’t I just read the book, what do you cover during the classes?

Although the classes are based from the book itself. The book is used only as the basis of the course. In addition to the book, you will be given a number of guided imagery scripts and audio tracks that are available exclusively to course attendees. During classes you will gain a more thorough understanding, guided direction and support on how to correctly practice and utilise each technique.

How many classes do I need to attend?

Courses are delivered as a series of 5 classes and due to the content of each class it is important to attend them all. The course fee covers the cost for all materials and the 5 face to face classes.

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