Forever Grateful

Without the guidance and assistance of Corinne, I may possibly not have birthed my daughter naturally. I am forever grateful for the support, strength, and encouragement from this wonderful woman. Not only has she experienced… Read more “Forever Grateful”

Lauren Vercoe
Yoga Teacher and Director of Kozen Yoga

In Control

After hearing about the new business of Intuitive Birthing, we were so excited about the opportunity to give HypnoBirthing a go after a traumatic first birth. My husband and I wanted to ensure that we had… Read more “In Control”

Sonia and Gareth
Parents to Ariana and Caden

Empowered and Excited

I had a pretty good birth with my first daughter but found the pain was quite overwhelming at times and I had difficulty with the pushing stage and needed an episiotomy.  I felt like there… Read more “Empowered and Excited”

Mother to two beautiful girls