The Birth of Madelyn Erin

The Birth of Madelyn Erin


No matter how many times I receive an email, message, text from one of my couples about their birth experience, it NEVER EVER gets dull… like, ever! I receive each birth story with the same joy and awe I did the last, because every single story is so unique and awe inspiring in so many ways. My favourite stories though, are those that come from my couples who came to my classes in preparation for their first child’s birth, and years later have a second baby. I think they’re my favourite stories because despite the fact they are using the same techniques and skills developed the first time, it is a different baby they are carrying, a different pregnancy, and thus a different experience.  They utilise the HypnoBirthing skills in a completely different way as they are adaptable, and relevant in any situation….. their experiences confirm this to me.

The following birth story is from the very beautiful and incredibly joyous Jayne, with the story of her second HypnoBirthing. Jayne had quite a challenging experience with Ruby-Sue’s birth (read her birth story here but maintains that HypnoBirthing and the support of her lovely husband David got her through.  I am always grateful to be able to share these intimate experiences with you all so I hope you love it as I do.

‘I wanted to let you know we welcomed a new baby girl into the world on Sat 22nd. We named her Madelyn Erin. She weighed 8lbs 2oz and is perfect! I wanted to let you know I had the most beautiful birthing experience!

I did most of the work at home focusing on my breathing, staying calm and active and just reminding myself that each surge was just pressure that was bringing my baby down. An hour and a hr after we arrived at the hospital my waters broke on their own in the shower, and Madelyn was born 20mins later.

I focused all my energy on my breathing, staying relaxed and all my hypnobirthing techniques and skills. I was able to give birth to my beautiful baby girl, completely drug free (including gas) and experience the most amazing sensation ever!

There are no words that can describe it! No tears, no cuts, no stitches! My midwife was so proud of me and so over the moon that this time I got the natural birthing experience I had always wanted! I was so proud of myself too! Dave was amazing! He supported me through the whole process so perfectly! Reminding me to breath, stay calm, relax and just held my hand the whole way through it!

Madelyn was calm and relaxed all the way through the labour and After She was born she fed straight away and was so alert and active, which I know comes down to such a calm, drug free birth. She fed for hrs after being born, then slept through the night! amazing!

I want to thank you again for giving me the gift of knowledge, positive thoughts and skills and the ability to carry those skills into my next birthing experience, even after my first didn’t go to plan. It just proves how very powerful the hypnobirthing skills and techniques are! They are skills, that once learnt, stay with you for life and can be reused again and again! Hope you and your beautiful little family are well!! All my love Jayne’

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