The Birth of Ruby-Sue

The Birth of Ruby-Sue

‘Dave and I are so proud to announce the safe arrival of our beautiful baby girl ”Ruby-Sue Lawson”. Born at 2.18am 6/12, weighing alb 10oz. One thing I will add is that she is such a relaxed and happy little girl! So chilled! And we fully attest that to all the relaxation practise and calm breathing throughout pregnancy! Especially since I was living such a hectic busy work life throughout pregnancy. And although we needed a little help getting her out in the end, I never would have coped so well with that change of course without having the education and understanding of the whole process that HypnoBirthing gave us.

I also cannot put into words how amazing my beautiful husband was! He was my rock and my beacon! The nurses were so impressed with how much he knew about it all and how supportive he was, especially when I was finding those final surges so hard due to the discomfort in my back.He counted backward from 40 for me and helped to get my breathing back on track! He gave me light touch massage throughout and was my pillar of strength when it came to me having the epidural. He held me up and helped me focus and take myself to another place using the forest imagery where I was so calm and safe….So amazing!

I am so glad we did HypnoBirthing and will tell the world about it! I am not scared to back again even though it wasn’t exactly as we planned. I am so proud that I lasted 33 hours without any help at all and that I still got to have my beautiful baby girl as naturally as I could, and was still in control and part of the whole experience.

Without your course Corinne, we would have had no clue what to expect or how to make the informed decisions we had to make at a crucial time. Can’t thank you enough!’


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